Tricolour Lovestory Download PC Game Free Full Version

Tricolour Lovestory Download PC Game Free Full Version and mobile has been released and is available from today on our site from now and you can download for free. So click on buttons located below in this post to Download Free Tricolour Lovestory for PC Full Version or Tricolour Lovestory Android and IOS Game.

Tricolour Lovestory Download PC Game Free Full Version

Tricolour Lovestory Download PC Game Free Full Version

Tricolour Lovestory PC is an amazing Adventure, Casual, Indie game developed by HL-Galgame and published by SakuraGame , Tricolour Lovestory pc game full was released on STEAM in 21 sep 2017 , the price for this game is 1,99€,  Tricolour Lovestory full game is available on with free download without to need Tricolour Lovestory crack or adding serials, Tricolour Lovestory Cracked Version here  . Maybe you like other incredible Casual games, go here:  Latest PC Casual Games Free Download

Before starting Tricolour Lovestory Free Download please stay and keep reading some details about Tricolour Lovestory Full Game PC Free Download.

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About Tricolour Lovestory Download PC Game

——It is the freedom, that one’s been longing for a lifetime. ——It is the simple of mind, that one’s never released from its shackle.——It is the emaki, that we all paint our own color on.

It was the fall of 2005, weather here in the River City was warm and lovely.
His childhood is like a pair of handcuffs, shackled the boy like he was soaked in dark grey paint.Entering the classroom called 「Fine Art」,
he saw 2 girls who auras out entirely different colors, embraced him at the same time.He almost say the auras encountered, twined, parted, and twined again……The young man was fascinated, before he could even reach his inner self. 「……How about we paint something together……」「……all three of us, from now on……」


Birthday:Oct.7th    Height:162cm    Weight:51kg
B:96(D)    W:60   H:87
One of the main characters, 17 and in her junior year.
Like the young man, she was also a transfer student, and happened to sit by his side. 
With eyes deep like amethysts, dark silk-like hair a face of perfect beauty but cold as ice, and mesmerizing bosom, she drew attention wherever she went.
An ‘Ice Queen’ like her, responded nothing after the young man greeted her. And because of this, she wasn’t the most popular one among her classmates.
But in the professor’s point of view, Violet was an absolute wizard of brushes. She worked her magic on a canvas like no one ever seen before. But her art was quite distinguished from her personality and seemed missing something crucial. What would that be? What would that be?

Birthday: Aug.10th     Height:157cm  Weight:44kg
B:82(A)    W:58    H:85
One of the main characters, 17 and in her junior year.
She always light up the room with her bright smile. But not always speaks her mind. 
She had lived in the same block with the young man, and had known him for 10 years. She always tried to protect him. And though she was the younger one, she insisted on acting more mature. And when he was locked up by his parents, he could always count on her.
But for some reasons, she is on 「NOT TALKING」 term with him.


●Your decisions will guide the game to come!
The game carried the original, unprecedented system which basically uploads your every choice to our cloud sever, and shows the result to all after data was gathered and calculated on our page. So the ending isn’t final yet, and the rest is for you to write.


●Wuhan – the River City
A beautiful city in central China, also known as ‘The River City’. Everyday here is a new and promising day.

●Wuhan No.12 High School
Found in 1954, a prominent high school, and has a group of students studies Fine Art every grade.

Tricolour Lovestory System Requirements PC


    • OS: WIN7 SP1/WIN8/WIN10/XP
    • Processor: Intel Core2DUO 2GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX9.0 VRAM128MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: PCM


  2. After the account has been created, the download of the game will start automatically , if not starting click on download button and start manually.
  3. Unzip game arhive and click on instalation file called Tricolour Lovestory Cracked .exe , install it and play. Enjoy!!

Tricolour Lovestory Download PC Game Free Full Version

Choose one of the two buttons located below to Download Free Tricolour Lovestory PC Game , remember , to can download the game you must to create a free account. We offer Tricolour Lovestory Download PC Full clean arhive , you dont need to Tricolour Lovestory crack or adding serial to play Tricolour Lovestory Game Free , just download, install and play. Have Fun !!!!!

Tricolour Lovestory Android and IOS Free Download Game APK


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